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Ceramic Crucible For MC50,MC60ceramic crucible with graphite inlet MC50&60, maximum temperature ..

Graphite Crucible For (V)CC-400

Graphite Crucible For(V)CC-400graphite crucible for (V)CC400 Ø=88, for rectangular die 65*20mm, isos..

Graphite Crucible For CC400

Graphite Crucible For CC400graphite crucible for CC400, Ø=88 H=140, for die Ø45mm, isostatic high qu..

Graphite crucible for granulating

Graphite crucible for granulatinggraphite crucible for granulating D=68/120 hole =1,5mm, isostatic q..

MC15/MC20V Ceramic crucible

ceramic crucible for MC15/MC20V,quality Q=4402 with ZrO2 coating for Platinum Weight   ..

VC-300 Casting Crucible

VC-300 Casting CrucibleGraphite crucible for granulating  Ø=78 H=120, D=2,0  high quality ..

VC-400 Casting Crucible

VC-400 Casting CrucibleGraphite Crucible for Casting..

VC-500 Casting Crucible

VC-500 Casting CrucibleGraphite Crucible for Granulating 1.5mm HoleØ=78 H=120, D=2.0High Quality VC5..

VC-600 Graphite Casting Crucible

VC-600 Graphite Crucible casting ?=88graphite crucible for casting  ?=88 H=130, D=8,0/3 high qu..

VCC-400 Graphite Crucible

VCC-400 Casting CrucibleGraphite crucible for (V)CC400 LCD Ø110 h=140mm, for rectangular die 75*20m..

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