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GOLDXPERT OLYMPUS XRF Common Process for Testing The GoldXpert offers the best of bo..


Common Process for Testing

The GoldXpert offers the best of both worlds. A handsome countertop analyzer fit for the consumer showroom environment, it can also be networked for high productivity QA/QC jobs. The large chamber door opens quickly with a push of the large front trigger. The GoldXpert can also function as a portable analyzer when powered by a rechargeable Liion battery pack. Compact and lightweight, and weighing in at only 22 lb (10 kg), the GoldXpert can be transported easily to any location where testing is needed.

The Innov-X GoldXpert XRF analyzer is an easy-touse, cost-effective method to obtain alloy chemistry and karat classification with one nondestructive and nonintrusive test. Additionally, an exclusive GoldXpert software feature helps identify gold-plated objects and sends an alert to the screen.

The GoldXpert is designed to be compact, taking up minimal countertop space.

An attractive design suitable for the showroom floor.

An easy-to-use analyzer providing karat and compositional analysis results with one push of a button.
Accurate chemistry and karat results within seconds.
Innovative feature to help identify gold-plated objects
Quickly and easily create result certificates (with optional PC software).
Testing chamber window and interior enabling continuous sample viewing for utmost customer security.
Optional battery for on-the-road testing when you take the GoldXpert along with you during visits to customers and vendors.
The GoldXpert can be networked for easy access to testing results as they are being generated.

The analyzer is a safe and secure closed-beam system that requires minimal training (varies by country).

Features and Benefits

Powerful 4 W X-ray tube provides reliable and accurate analytical performance.

Speed: Delivers fast results within seconds.

Portability: Can be powered by a compact battery for on-the-road analysis.

Easy and accurate measurement automatically adjusts for the shape and size of the sample.

Automatic karat determination.

Large data storage capacity for test archiving.

Easy data export and reporting for immediate certification generation.

Integrated camera and small spot collimation for focused analysis and sample image archiving

Completely nondestructive testing method.

Innovative feature to help identify gold-plated objects

The GoldXpert comes equipped with an integrated CMOS camera, which records sample images to memory along with analysis results for report generation.

The X-ray beam collimation is utilized for measurement of small components and samples. A simple tap on the touch screen in camera view activates the 3 mm diameter collimation, and an on-screen indicator shows the operator exactly where the analysis spot is focused. Collimation can be easily reverted to a 10 mm diameter for standard bulk analysis.

 Exclusive Plating Alert Feature

The GoldXpert has an exclusive feature that detects possible gold plating or coating when screening gold pieces. The GoldXpert analyzes for this possibility concurrently with composition of the piece. This feature allows the GoldXpert to alert the user if it determines that there is a possibility of gold coating or plating.

Customized Reporting

Data can be exported easily to spreadsheet format, and the memory can be accessed remotely when the GoldXpert is networked via its Windows CE operating system. Customized result and reporting certificates, including analytical results, an image of the tested sample, the company logo, and more, can be generated via the optional PC Software with the click of a button.