Magic F-30 Engraving Machine

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Magic F-30 Engraving Machine MAGIC-F30P  is a multifunctional engraver & cutter capab..

Magic F-30 Engraving Machine

MAGIC-F30P  is a multifunctional engraver & cutter capable of engraving letters  or patterns in jewelry & metal materials such as gold, silver, coper, stainless steel with diamond tool, or in wax for carving, acrylic, woods. Its big size design make it available anywhere, and its simple directions enable anybody  to carve things beautifully in quick and easy ways.


Cutting of nameplate necklace, of metal, wood, acrylic materials, Engraving in jewelry medal, pendant, in various metal materials. Carving wax or chemical wood in 3D, cutting of name necklaces.


It’s used for engraving on every type of metal such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel etc.

It carves wax, chemical wood etc. in 3D.

Engraving with a diamond tool leaves the engraved surface smooth.

The depth of engraving is deep enough to be indelible.

Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless engraving.

It fastens many types of material with one clamp without changing it.

It engraves symbols, patterns, and all sort of marks.

It engraves on curved surfaces.

It’s very quiet engraving machine that can be used anywhere.

It’s given with S/W for easy use.



465mm(W) x 278mm(H) x 388mm(D)


(XY) 0.005mm / (Z) 0.00125mm

Tool Diameter


Max. engraving area

300mm (X) x 200mm (Y) x 38.5mm (Z)



Spindle Revolution

15,000 RPM

Spindle motor power


Power Consumption


Power Supply

AC 100-240V 50/60HZ