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Common Process for Testing

X-Ray Fluorescence Measuring Instruments Optimized for Fast, Cost-effective and Non-destructive Analysis of Jewelry, Coins and Precious Metals for Jewellery Retail Store, Banks and Gold Exchange.


 The X-ray fluorescence measuring instruments of the GOLDSCOPE series are optimized for fast, cost-effective and non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins and precious metals. Furthermore, the instruments are well suited for determining the thickness of gold coatings on sterling silver and rhodium coatings on gold alloys. The GOLDSCOPE series comprises four different instruments to fulfill the specific demands from the fast purchase and sale of gold up to the high-precision analysis of precious metals.

 Typical fields of application are the analysis of:

 Jewelry, precious metals

 Yellow and white gold

 Platinum and silver


 Alloys and coatings

 Outstanding accuracy and long-term stability are characteristics of all X-RAY systems from FISCHER. The necessity of recalibration is considerably reduced, saving time and effort. The GOLDSCOPE SD instruments are equipped with a modern silicon PIN detector, which achieves high accuracy and good detection sensitivity. For even higher resolution, the GOLDSCOPE SDD instruments with their silicon drift detector (SDD) are avaible.

 The fundamental parameter method by FISCHER allows for the analysis without calibration.


The GOLDSCOPE instruments are designed as user-friendly bench-top instruments. Due to their compact design, the instruments are lightweight and require only little space.

 For smallest footprint, the measurement chamber door of the GOLDSCOPE SD does not open upwards, but towards the front. Thus, you can place a notebook for operation onto the instrument, which saves even more space.

 For quick and easy sample positioning, the X-ray source and detector assembly is located in the instrument‘s lower chamber. The measuring direction is from underneath the sample, which is supported by a transparent window.

 The integrated video-microscope with zoom and crosshairs simplifies sample placement and allows for a precise measuring spot adjustment.

The entire operation and evaluation of measurements as well as the clear presentation of measurement data is performed on a PC, using the powerful and user-friendly WinFT software.

Application                         :  Refineries, assaying offices and hallmarking centers

intended use                     : Energy dispersive X-ray measuring instrument (EDXRF) to analyze precious metals

General Specification     :  GOLDSCOPE SD Pro, SDD, SDD Pro Bench top unit with upwards opening hood

Measuring direction       : Bottom up

Electrical Data

Power supply and consumption: AC 115 or 230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 120 W without evaluation PC