CC-3000 Indutherm Casting Machine

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CC-3000 Indutherm Casting Machine The Continuous Casting Machines from now on with ..

CC-3000 Indutherm Casting Machine

The Continuous Casting Machines from now on with vacuum or quattro drive

More flexibility, lower costs
Indutherm continuous casting machines help you to save production costs. With only one machine, you can produce your own alloys or semi-finished products in different shapes and sizes in the shortest time.

For example:

Wires or bars in every diameter you need,
up to Ø40mm (CC 3000)
Sheets and strips, e.g. ring production, for stamping and pressing
Tubes, perfect as basic material for cutting in sections for wedding ring production

The Main Advantages of Indutherm CC Machines:

Short change-over times for various casting sizes
A lot of additional equipment available
Diffusion bonding set (“sintering”) and granulation tank
Induction generators with a low frequency tuning for a thorough mixing of the metal
Automated inert gas
High metal quality, free of porosity

All continuous casting machines also available as VCC-versions with vacuum function (patent pending).
With the VCC-versions, melting can take place under vacuum or inert gas. This is ideal for alloys containing copper such as red gold, or for silver, as these materials tend to oxidize easily.
Degasification under vacuum results in the substantially improved absence of oxidation in the melting chamber.



Power Max Electrical Connection

30kW 3 x 400v / 50 A

Temperature Max

1500 °C

Crucible Volume

● 3400ccm = 51kg Au 18kt*
○30kg silver

Wire Production up to

● Ø40mm

Tube Production up to

● Ø50mm

Sheet Production

● 130 x 12mm

16 Programs for Melting and Die Temp, Drawing Lengths, Stoptime, Reverse Draw

Inert Gas Overpressure


Vacuum (Optional)


Natural Inert Gas Atmosphere

RS 232, Diagnostic System, Remote Service

Data Printer

Quattro-Drawing Unit

Sintering Kit

Granulating Tank

Bending Unit

Simultaneous Casting of Several Wires

○ 5 wires**

Coiling Equipment