MC-20v Indutherm Casting Machine

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MC-20v Indutherm Casting Machine Common Process for Melting The MC 20 V is equipped ..

MC-20v Indutherm Casting Machine

Common Process for Melting

The MC 20 V is equipped with a latest generation induction generator, developed especially for this housing design and with high operating efficiency. Convenient, high precision control is provided via a new operating system, with an LCD display, full text display and program control.


    Very easy and safe to use, short implementation time

    Excellent price-performance ratio

    3,5 kW induction generator for quickly reaching the melting temperature

    Thorough through-mixing of molten metals using low-frequency induction tuning

    Melting under vacuum or inert gas to prevent oxidation

    Top quality form filling using over pressure of up to 3 bars (casting under vacuum also possible)

    Economical consumables

Temperatures up to 2000° C are precisely measured by an optical pyrometer.

Award-winning vibration technology – unique in its classFor the first time, our multi-award winning and patent-pending vibration system is now available in a compact casting machine. Using vibration when casting ensures better form filling, creating casts with greater, more consistent densities, higher elasticity and greatly reduced porosity. Vibration technology is a compelling alternative to the frequently used and relatively delicate centrifugal systems, especially when casting platinum or palladium.



Power Max Electrical Connection

3.5kW 230v Single Phase / 16 A

Temperature Max

2000° C

Temperature Measurement

● Thermocouple type N up to 1300° C
○ Optical Pyrometer

Casting Volume

100g Au 18kt
110g Steel/200g Pt

For Flask Size

up to Ø30/50/65/80mm x 80mm h

Control Panel

LCD Display (Full Text Readout)

Automatic Vacuum and
Overpressure Function

Vacuum or Overpressure After Casting

● -1 up to +3 bar

Function Washing by Inert Gas

Vibration System

Supply: Cooling Water,
Inert Gas Argon or Nitrogen


16″ x 17.5″ x 16″ h


60 lbs

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